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IIAI Letters on Business and Decision Science (LBDS)

ISSN: 2185-9930 (electronic), Established on 2022, Open Access

IIAI LIR Overview

Type: Express Letters based on Selected Paper from Conference Proceedings
Format: Open Access
Language: English
Publication Frequency: 1 Volume per Year
Publication Schedule: 90 days after acceptance without delay
Established on 2022
Model: 2-stages review (1st quality review by program committee & 2nd relevance review by editorial board)

Aim & Scope

IIAI Letters on Business and Decision Science (LBDS) share the latest theories and applications in the field of research based on scientific approaches to business and decision making, as well as new insights into their application to society. LBDS includes research on organizational management and business administration based on theoretical and quantitative methods, information systems of organizations studied in the field of business informatics, theoretical research and implementation of economic transactions discussed in the field of information science, and decision science of people and organizations based on psychological approaches. The articles published in LBDS cover the most recent theories and applications of business and decision science, making it one of the best journals to learn what is currently being proposed in those research results.


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