Presenters Instruction

Onsite Presenters (Full Papers/Short Papers)

You make your presentation using your own laptop computer. Presenters will have a total of 25 minutes to use for their presentation and Q&A. If you would like to present longer, you have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes Q&A. If you would like to have good communications with audiences, you may present shorter, such as 15 minutes presentation. Onsite presentations will be broadcast to a remote audience via a camera set up in each session room. Therefore, you do not need to connect your own laptop computer to the zoom.

Online Presenters (Full Papers/Short Papers)

When you present your research online, please obtain zoom URL at timetable shown at online conference page in CONFAID. You find the online conference link at the menu of CONFAID. Please join in the session and make your presentation through the Internet.

Onsite Presenters (Poster Papers)

For onsite poster presenters, poster session will be held on July 5 evening at the “Room Aioi” at 4th floor Kanazawa New Grand Hotel besides the convention venue. Poster presenters displays the poster between 5:00PM – 5:30PM there. Poster board size is 900mm(horizontal) x 1200mm (vertical). Approximately, A0, B1, C0 size will be fitted. Poster presentation event will starts from 5:30PM and ends 6:30PM. Because the ballroom for banquet is next room of poster room, some poster presenters may continue to present the research during banquet with drinking beverage and eating foods.

Online Presenters (Poster Papers)

For online poster presenters, length of presentation is in 5 minutes. The presentation must be recorded with video and upload onto the easychair before July 3 (PST). It will be shown on video screen at the conference. You log on easychair and choose “update submissions”. Then, please upload your presentation video. Length of poster presentation video must be less than 5 minutes. Only movie files are accepted, such as MPEG video file (extension .mpg), Apple QuickTime Movie (extension .mov), Windows media video file (extension .wmv), or mp4 video. The file size must be smaller than 90Mb.
On the CONFAID system, each presentation is available to be viewed after the conference. Audiences may ask questions to the presentation through CONFAID and poster presenters answer through CONFAID as well.

Additional Question and Answer Sessions

After the international conference is over, most of the recorded presentations will be streamed by the CONFAID. The CONFAID allows the audience to ask questions and comment on the presentations. Presenters can answer and comment on the questions asked, allowing for communication among the participants.

Congress Tips

Receipt and invitation letter

Log in using the password given to the registration system, and you will find the buttons to issue your receipt and invitational letter at the bottom of the page.

Congress proceedings

It will be published by IEEE CPS or IIAI and will be available on the CONFAID.

Award presentation

IIAI AAI 2022 awards authors whose papers were highly evaluated in review of the submitted papers. Best paper award, outstanding paper award, outstanding short paper award and honorable mention award will be selected. Award winners will be presented at the banquet to be held on July 5, 2022. Also, for online attendees, the award winners will be announced on the IIAI AAI 2022 web. Each award winner will receive the certification onsite or shipping.