Accepted Submissions

(This information is tentative and subject to change in the final program.)

ESKM 2021Investigate Use FinTech Services on Online Transportation using TAM ModelACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Factors of Employee Satisfaction in the Difference between Frequency and ContributionACCEPT as Full Paper
IDDC 2021SmileGlass: AR Glasses that make people appear to be smiling toward the enhancement of well-beingACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Topic-model based Estimation of Passive Twitter-User’s Interests from Followed Users’ TweetsACCEPT as Full Paper
IDDC 2021Visual Effects for Real Time Ocean Water RenderingACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Cost-Driven Selective Information Control  for Multi-Layered Neural NetworksACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021An improved NSGA-II for Service Provider Composition in Knowledge-Intensive CrowdsourcingACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Using Anonymous Data to Assess Dissaving Risk against Life Expectancy for Elderly PeopleACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Reducing traffic accidents using a V2V system that  disseminates dangerous-driving informationACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021Development and Evaluation of a Search Application for Elementary School Programming MaterialsACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Detecting Campylobacter Bacteria and Phagocytotic Activity of Leukocytes from Gram Stained Smears ImagesACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Towards Goal-Oriented Business Process Model RepairACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Recommender System for Familiarizing Gradually to Unfamiliar DomainsACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Preventing Overfitting of LSTMs using Ant Colony OptimizationACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Dynamic Travel Permits Allocation Mechanism Based on Auction and Personal Trading CombinationACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Rules from Table Data Sets and Their Application to Decision Support: Decision-Making with Transparency and an Improved Execution EnvironmentACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021Fill-in-the-blank Questions for Objected-Oriented Programming EducationACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Leaf-Preserving Distance between Rooted Labeled CaterpillarsACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Modeling Peoples Movements Based on Differential Equation and Markov ProcessACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Consideration of the User Authentication Processes for the Cloud Type of Virtual Policy Based Network Management Scheme to manage the Specific DomainACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021Prevention of Covid-19 Health Rumors Based on Elder Users Oriented Serious GamesACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Development of QGIS Plugin for Seamless Integration of Ideation Support and GeoprocessingACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021Prototyping and Evaluation  of Programming Learning Support System  with Function for Switching Display LanguageACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021Design of a one-on-one training system for basketball playersACCEPT as Full Paper
IDDC 2021Design outside the stereotypes:  Restoring the dragon from RevelationACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Task-based Assessment to Evaluate Instagram Users’ Capabilities for Personal Information Leakage PreventionACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021A proposal for an evacuation route recommendation method based on multi-objective GA considering the acceptability of evacueesACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Investigating Users’ Query Formulations in Consumer Health SearchACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021Converting Java Source Code for Programming Education Support Tool pgtracerACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Semantic Waveform Model for Similarity Measure  by Time-series Variation in MeaningACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Improving Momentum Strategies using Adaptive Elastic Dynamic Mode DecompositionACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Developing Web Applications by Visual Programming to Support Data ScienceACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Document Selection for Transfer Learning in Abstractive SummarizationACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Safe and Secure Driving for Supply and Demand Mediation type Transportation ServiceACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Trim Distance of Positions in Necleotide Sequences for Structural Proteins in SARS-CoV-2 GenomeACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Web Scraping Methods on Odoo Framework to Collect Rupiah Exchange Rate From Bank Indonesia WebsiteACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021A Dynamic Embedding Method for Passenger Flow EstimationACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Impedance Knowledge and Reliability of Internal Model in Motor LearningACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021The Value and Issues of Opening University Libraries to High School Students: Based on a Survey Investigating the Processes by which Japanese High School Students Use University LibrariesACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on micro, small and medium restaurant businesses in ThailandACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Evaluations of service robots referring to Joruri puppets, and a remote evaluations systemACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Risk Management of Fog Computing for Improving IoT SecurityACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Risk Management of Silent Cyber Risks in Consideration of Emerging RisksACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Deriving patterns coping with the error among evolved controllable/uncontrollable constituent systems within the open System-of-SystemsACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021The impact of various fashion brand design concepts on the persistence of product value:Analysis based on winning bid data on an auction platformACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021What does the relationship between context and intent help for supporting design?ACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Two-stage program procedure generation from problem statements using the Seq2Seq combinationACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021Analysis of university students’ awareness and opinions on the SDGs—From interactive lessons using the online whiteboard (Miro)ACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021College Preparedness and Graduation in CollegeACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Tourism Evaluation of Zones for Foreigners Visiting Himeji City Using Support Vector MachinesACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Human Psychophysiological Activity Detection Based on Wearable ElectronicsACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021A method for creating a combination flow to understand the ERP system with IT system and business perspectivesACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021A Relationship Between the SIR Model and the Generalized Logistic Distribution with Applications to SARS and COVID-19ACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021A Consideration of Scalability for Software Defined Perimeter Based on the Zero-trust ModelACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Development of a smartphone application for promoting shopping district using paper maps and Augmented RealityACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021Solution methods in generator operation optimization considering market transactionsACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021Operation planning for heat pump in multiple residences considering load levelingACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021Revenue management problem considering overbooking in the aviation industryACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021A Proposal for One-Stop Contact Points for Student Support in Remote Teaching/Learning at University during COVID-19 Crisis by Institutional ResearchACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021Analysis of Fluctuations of Ability Estimates in TestingACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021New Methods to Solve Vehicle Routing Problem Considering Stochastic DemandACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021Solution Algorithm for The Multi-period Inventory Transshipment Problem Considering Rentals and ReturnsACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021University Reform for Competency-Based Education using Eduinformatics by Significant Other GroupsACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021Impact of COVID-19 Patient Care Status on Distance Learning Progress for NursesACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Mobile Carrier Choice Behavior Analysis Based on IT Service Management PlatformACCEPT as Full Paper
IDDC 2021Mashuprium and Timeline Visualization: Implementation of 3D Space and Timeline Visualization for Automatic Mashup CreationACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Coping Support and Stress Detection Using Ambient ComputingACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Estimating Semantic Relationships between Sentences Using Word Embedding with BERTACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Verification of Loss Cut Effect in Scenario-tree-type Multi-period Probability Planning ModelACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021A Method to Derive the Top Goal of GSN that Describes the Design Process Achieving Two Objectives SimultaneouslyACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021A decision-making architecture for observation and patrolling problems using machine learningACCEPT as Full Paper
IDDC 2021Musical Impression Extraction Method by Discovering Relationships between Acoustic Features and Impression TermsACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021Scientists prefer research answering humanity’s intellectual curiosity — questionnaire results from Members of the Japan Geoscience UnionACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021On Truth Discrimination of Media News Related toRumor and Fake News by LSTMACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Development of a monitoring system for encrypted data by OPC UAACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Mammographic Mass Detection Based on Data Separated Ensemble Convolution Neural NetworkACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Extending deep interactive evolution with graph kernel for 3D designACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Proposal of a Case Search Method Based on Software Process Improvement Activity FactorsACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021A Comparative Study of Japanese Input Speed by Keyboard of Elementary School Children Learning with 1:1 Devices for the First TimeACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Organizational climate and its impacts on organizational commitment and perceived organizational performance: A comparison of State-owned and Non State-owned organizations in VietnamACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021Impacts of Cultural Background  on Problem-finding / Problem-solving ApproachesACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021Proposal for an approach to improve the awareness of copyright infringement prevention using a nudge-type frameworkACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Analog Hardware Neural Networks using Logarithmic Four-Quadrant Multiple CircuitsACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Cloud Advisor Bot: Towards a Chatbot to Enable Efficient Cloud AssessmentsACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Estimation of the Effect of Improving Communication in Collaborative Projects with High Uncertainty based on Systems ApproachACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Development of an Extractive Title Generation System Using Titles of Papers of Top Conferences for Intermediate English StudentsACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021Impact of Differences in Physical, Social and Psychological Factors on Nursing Care ExpectationsACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021Assessment of Online Study Abroad Programs During Covid-19ACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021Proposal of Extended Strategic Performance Indicator Deriving Framework for Monitoring the Effectiveness of StrategiesACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Multi-Objective Inverse Reinforcement Learning via Non-Negative Matrix FactorizationACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021An empirical research on utilization of information sources for innovation in regional high-tech SMEsACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021Construction of Environmental Education Program Utilizing Project & Program Management FrameworkACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021Geoscientists’ Perceptions of Research and its Evaluation – Questionnaire Survey Results from the Members of  American Geophysical Union –ACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021Changes in the Thinking and Behavior of High School Students Gaining University Library Access: Effects of High School–University Collaboration to Learn Using University LibrariesACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021Retrieval of Notable Academic People by an Ameliorated Skyline OperatorACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021An architecture description method for describing ranges of the specific rules to connect among systems related to open Systems-of-Systems (SoS)ACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Developing a Lecture Video Recording System Using Augmented RealityACCEPT as Full Paper
DSIR 2021How does the Scientists and Their Community Perceive Their Own Research? – Comparison of the Questionnaire Survey results to the Members of Japan Geosciences Union and American Geophysical Union –ACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Deepfake Detection Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021Quiz and Treasures: Development of a Web-based Learning Platform using GamificationACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021The Study on Thai Female’ Consumer Decision-making Style between Domestic and Imported Cosmetic Brand ProductsACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021A Purchasing Prediction Model Considering the Time Consumers Spend on a Site and Consumers Characteristics (Second Report)ACCEPT as Full Paper
LTLE 2021Didactic modeling of a digital instrument for the perception, construction and evaluation of ethical perspectives in AI systems.ACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021Dynamics of Liquidity: An Analysis of Tick Size Reduction in Tokyo Stock ExchangeACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Multiple Domains Knowledge Graph Search via Heuristic Algorithm for Answering Complex QuestionsACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Neural Conversation with Memory MechanismACCEPT as Full Paper
DSTM 2021Product Sales Forecast Model Considering Circular FluctuationsACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Performance Evaluation of Volunteer Computing-based Neural Network on Ethereum PlatformACCEPT as Full Paper
ESKM 2021Indirect Matching Using Dynamic Cues for Effective Similar Shape RetrievalACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Design, modeling and parameters identification of rotary-type double inverted pendulumACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021A preliminary Study on Seasonal features Understanding from Flyer Images Based on Machine LearningACCEPT as Full Paper
EAIS 2021A Microservices Enterprise Architecture for Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) Development in West African CountriesACCEPT as Full Paper
BMOT 2021An Analysis on Pharmaceutical Patent Applications and Granted in India Mega-pharma shifts their strategies toward IndiaACCEPT as Full Paper
SCAI 2021Make 3D Cable Model from Single RGB ImageACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Historical time series prediction framework based on recurrent neural network using multivariate time seriesACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Carry Trading Strategy with RM-CVaR PortfolioACCEPT as Short Paper
DSIR 2021Results of Research Data Management Survey at Tohoku UniversityACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Clustering to Support Users Finding Unexpected Perspectives in BrainstormingACCEPT as Short Paper
LTLE 2021Data collection in the learning behavior analysis: A systematic reviewACCEPT as Short Paper
LTLE 2021Proposal on Programming Education for Preschoolers and Measurement of EffectivenessACCEPT as Short Paper
EAIS 2021Identification of Business Goals of AI Service System based on GQM+StrategiesACCEPT as Short Paper
ESKM 2021Solution exemplars and sales performance in online service markets: the moderating role of reputation and competencyACCEPT as Short Paper
DSIR 2021Advancing Outcome-Based Education in Japanese Medical Schools: Overview of Milestones and Educational DataACCEPT as Short Paper
LTLE 2021Development and Evaluation of Quizzes Aimed at Quantifying Computational ThinkingACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Incentive design and task allocation for safe delivery to prevent traffic accidentsACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021A Preliminary Study of Closed Generalized Itemsets and Their Enumeration AlgorithmsACCEPT as Short Paper
ESKM 2021An Empirical Study of Long Tail in Public LibrariesACCEPT as Short Paper
ESKM 2021Extraction of Tourist Attention Points from Low-rated Reviews and their ClassificationACCEPT as Short Paper
DSIR 2021Presentation and Coping Problems of University Ranking in JapanACCEPT as Short Paper
DSIR 2021Exploring the future trends of faculty development in Japanese higher educationACCEPT as Short Paper
IDDC 2021Immersive SciFi Prototyping for Responsible Innovation – A humanistic Approach to Technological ChangeACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Artificial intelligence in safety-relevant embedded systems – on autonomous robotic surgeryACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Deterministic Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Sine Cosine WaveACCEPT as Short Paper
ESKM 2021Social Endorsing Mechanism for Social Event DiffusionACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Quadratic Inequalities over Affine T-S Fuzzy ModelsACCEPT as Short Paper
DSIR 2021The learning analytics and institutional research based on the usage of Moodle after COVID-19 pandemicACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021A Cooperative Multi-Agent Learning Approach for Avoiding DRDoS AttackACCEPT as Short Paper
BMOT 2021Using Mobile Phone GPS Data to Nowcast Auto Production Activity and Equity Investment Strategy Based on the Activity NowcastingACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Multi-turn dialogue generation considering speech information of each speaker by adding recurrent neural networksACCEPT as Short Paper
BMOT 2021An analysis of preferences of convention attendees in the time of Covid-19 pandemicACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Identification of Nighttime Vehicle ImagesACCEPT as Short Paper
DSIR 2021Prototype of a Rubric for Classifying Teaching Assistants’ Learning Support Behaviors  by Social ChannelsACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Stock Return Prediction with SSESTM Model using Quarterly Japanese Company HandbookACCEPT as Short Paper
LTLE 2021A Model for Fostering Learning Interaction in Hybrid Classroom based on Constructivism TheoryACCEPT as Short Paper
LTLE 2021A guide for inexperienced players of basketball to master basic field of visionACCEPT as Short Paper
ESKM 2021An investigation on the methods of noise countermeasures for safeguarding intangible cultural property.- Attempt of noise compatibility planning rooted in the local community-ACCEPT as Short Paper
LTLE 2021Analysis of Answer History Data to Detect Learner’s Hesitation When Solving Word-reordering ProblemsACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Synchronous Dropout for Convolutional Neural NetworkACCEPT as Short Paper
ESKM 2021Trial of grasping food trends using the InternetACCEPT as Short Paper
BMOT 2021A pennant race planning in consideration of rain-cancelled games for the Pacific League teams of the Nippon Professional Baseball organization in 2020ACCEPT as Short Paper
EAIS 2021A Study of “Satoyama” as Program Management for Ensuring Local Sustainability: Results from the questionnaire surveyACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Facility management system framework for ski resort equipment using GNSS analysis technologyACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Toward a Framework and SUMO-based Simulation for Smart Traffic Control Using Multiagent LearningACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Towards path planning and environmental recognition for autonomous car parking with multiagent controlACCEPT as Short Paper
ESKM 2021The Study of Factors Affecting Market Competition of Fast Fashion Brands in the Post-COVID-19 EraACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Development of procedures on pictorial symbols creation for international facilities: focusing on evaluation of contentsACCEPT as Short Paper
DSIR 2021Broadening the Funnel: Improving Student SuccessACCEPT as Short Paper
DSIR 2021Case Study of Proficiency-Based Class Composition Using Machine LearningACCEPT as Short Paper
DSTM 2021Toward efficient analysis of open data and social phenomenon -a case study on weather influence on spreading of SARS-CoV-2ACCEPT as Short Paper
SCAI 2021Output Observer based Fault Tolerant Control of Mecanum Wheel RobotACCEPT as Short Paper
DSIR 2021Understanding the Relationship Between Personality Traits and Resilience Among Chinese StudentsACCEPT as Short Paper
LTLE 2021Development and Evaluation of a Skin Extension Pressure Measurement System for Improving Education on Blood Collection TechniquesACCEPT as Poster Paper
LTLE 2021Methods for Evaluating Support for Overcoming steps with WheelchairACCEPT as Poster Paper
DSIR 2021Analysis of the Actual State of Learning through Career Education as First-Year Experience Using a Topic ModelACCEPT as Poster Paper
LTLE 2021An Examination of Learning 3D Modeling Software and Creating 3D Data Using Online Video in a 3D Printer Workshop for High School StudentsACCEPT as Poster Paper
SCAI 2021Reducing Isolation and Cognitive Function of Older People at Home by Family Robot “LOVOT” InterventionACCEPT as Poster Paper
BMOT 2021Social Event Recommendation Based on Social and Contextual IntelligenceACCEPT as Poster Paper
DSIR 2021Customizable Data Visualization Module on MoodleACCEPT as Poster Paper
LTLE 2021Designing an augmented reality educational board game learning activity with dual-scaffolding teaching strategy to enhance EFL reading comprehensionACCEPT as Poster Paper
LTLE 2021Designing an Augmented Reality-based Educational Board Game Integrated with Dual-Scaffolding Framework for High school History Course: The Evaluation of Learning Performance and Flow StateACCEPT as Poster Paper
SCAI 2021Improving the winning percentage of the Werewolf team through collusion strategiesACCEPT as Poster Paper
LTLE 2021Visual Interface for Looking over Micro ContentsACCEPT as Poster Paper
LTLE 2021International Summer School on the Internet of ThingsACCEPT as Poster Paper
ESKM 2021Evaluation of Content-based Tour Recommendation SystemsACCEPT as Poster Paper
EAIS 2021Project improvement approach for the  regional industry-academia collaborative research program  W-BRIDGEACCEPT as Poster Paper
SCAI 2021Automatic Detection of Cough with Using DNN and Throat Microphone.ACCEPT as Poster Paper
LTLE 2021Practice and automation of remote real-time captioning support for students with disabilities using speech recognition technologyACCEPT as Poster Paper
ESKM 2021Extraction of editing processes for modifying a program to another purpose based on representation learningACCEPT as Poster Paper
LTLE 2021The effect of the rapid increase in online courses on educational accessibility for students with disabilities in Japanese higher education.ACCEPT as Poster Paper
ESKM 2021Analysis of commands of Telnet logs illegally connected to IoT devicesACCEPT as Poster Paper
SCAI 2021On a preliminary implementation of enemy agent on a city development simulation gameACCEPT as Poster Paper
IDDC 2021A preliminary approach on an exciting shuffling method in card gamesACCEPT as Poster Paper
ESKM 2021Person Name Extraction from TV program Using  Pre-trained Language Model and News HeadlinesACCEPT as Poster Paper
ESKM 2021Universal Simulation System by Learning from Historical Data of Agricultural Pest OccurrenceACCEPT as Poster Paper