Award Nominee

Full paper award candidates

Title: Visual Effects for Real Time Ocean Water Rendering
Authors: Leonard Litvak and Leon Deligiannidis

Title: Detecting Campylobacter Bacteria and Phagocytotic Activity of Leukocytes from Gram Stained Smears Images
Authors: Kyohei Yoshihara and Kouichi Hirata

Title: Preventing Overfitting of LSTMs using Ant Colony Optimization
Authors: Rikitaka Kinoyama, Edgar Ademir Morales Perez and Hitoshi Iba

Title: Prototyping and Evaluation of Programming Learning Support System with Function for Switching Display Language
Authors: Naoya Kamita and Tetsuo Tanaka

Title: Safe and Secure Driving for Supply and Demand Mediation type Transportation Service
Authors: Tomoichi Ebata, Masashi Imamura, Satoru Hori, Kei Suzuki and Ryo Ariyoshi

Title: A Dynamic Embedding Method for Passenger Flow Estimation
Wei-Yi Chung, Yen-Nan Ho, Yu-Hsuan Wu and Jheng-Long Wu

Impedance Knowledge and Reliability of Internal Model in Motor Learning
Authors: Antonio Oliveira Nzinga Rene, Koji Okuhara, Eri Domoto, Ryo Haruna and Takeshi Matsui

Title: The Value and Issues of Opening University Libraries to High School Students: Based on a Survey Investigating the Processes by which Japanese High School Students Use University Libraries
Author: Haruki Ono

Title: College Preparedness and Graduation in College
Authors: Faxian Yang, Yangzi Mao and Minghui Wang

Title: A Consideration of Scalability for Software Defined Perimeter Based on the Zero-trust Model
Authors: Palmo Yangchen, Shigeaki Tanimoto, Hiroyuki Sato and Atsushi Kanai

Title: A Comparative Study of Japanese Input Speed by Keyboard of Elementary School Children Learning with 1:1 Devices for the First Time
Authors: Mitsuhiro Watanabe, Kazuki Mitsui, Kazunori Sato, Seiko Nakano, Yasuhisa Koide and Tatsuya Horita

Title: Can Online Study Abroad Programs During Covid-19 Promote Global Competencies?
Authors: Soichiro Aihara, Hatsuko Yoshikubo and Hiroyuki Ishizaki

Title: Multi-Objective Inverse Reinforcement Learning via Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Authors: Daiko Kishikawa and Sachiyo Arai

Title: Dynamics of Liquidity: An Analysis of Tick Size Reduction in Tokyo Stock Exchange
Authors: Hiroyuki Maruyama, Tomoaki Tabata and Takaaki Hosoda

Title: A Microservices Enterprise Architecture for Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) Development in West African Countries
Authors: Kofi Osei-Tutu and Yeong-Tae Song

Short/Poster paper award candidates

Title: Analysis of the Actual State of Learning through Career Education as First-Year Experience Using a Topic Model
Authors: Tatsuya Tsumagari, Yoko Nakazato and Takashi Tsumagari

Title: Designing an augmented reality educational board game learning activity with dual-scaffolding teaching strategy to enhance EFL reading comprehension
Authors: Cheng-Tai Li, Liang-Hsuan Lee and Huei-Tse Hou

Title: Broadening the Funnel: Improving Student Success
Author: Timothy Chow

Title: Case Study of Proficiency-Based Class Composition Using Machine Learning
Authors: Keita Nishiyama

Title: Output Observer based Fault Tolerant Control of Mecanum Wheel Robot
Authors: Piyanun Ruangurai, Athasit Wongcharoen, Suppachai Howimanporn and Chaiyaporn Silawatchananai