Academic IR on National University Corporation Hokkaido Higher Education and Research System


  • Takashi Nishide Otaru University of Commerce
  • Hisayoshi Toyokawa Kitami Institute of Technology
  • Fumihiko Nakamura Kitami Institute of Technology
  • Hiroshi Masui Kitami Institute of Technology



Academic IR, Integration of institutes, Educational Cooperation, Data Science on inter-institute


Three national university corporations in Hokkaido: Otaru University of Commerce, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, and Kitami Institute of Technology, are merged as "Hokkaido Higher Education and Research System" from April 2022. In the integration of those three universities, the basic policies include business integration, research collaboration, educational collaboration, and innovation creation, and academic IR is becoming increasingly important as a framework for educational collaboration. This paper focuses on the academic IR, describing the integration of infrastructure supporting IR, inter-university efforts in specific subjects, etc., and provides an analysis of the current status and future prospects. The status to the integration of the three universities, their visions and prospects are described, and as actual examples, the results of IR in Kitami Institute of Technology and Otaru University of Commerce are presented.


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