IDDC 2023

6th International Conference on Interaction Design and Digital Creation / Computing (IDDC 2023)

Call for papers

The IIAI International Conference on Interaction Design and Digital Creation / Computing (IIAI IDDC) focuses on practices, technologies, applications and theories for interaction design and digital creation. Also, computer-aided design and creative activities are one of promising field to make effective support for designers and creators. In this conference, the themes aims for Interaction Design on research, development the all domains. The conference will cover a broad set of research topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Media Design
    • Interaction Design
    • Information Design
    • Design Science
    • Media & Education
  • Entertainment
    • Entertainment Computing
    • Game Programming
    • Smartphone Apps
    • Interaction Design for Children
  • Visual and Sound
    • Visual Communication
    • Computer Graphics
    • Installation and Media Art
    • Music and Computer
  • Communication and System
    • Practical Software
    • Social Media
    • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    • Groupware and Network services

IDDC 2023 Organization

Conference Chair

Taishi Nemoto, Kagoshima Women’s College, Japan

Steering Committee

Takayuki Fujimoto, Toyo University, Japan

Program Committees

Ziran Fan, Toyo University, Japan
Koji Fujita, Cyber University, Japan
Kazuya Kojima, Kindai University, Japan
Yuhua Luo, UIB, Spain
Taishi Nemoto, Toyo University, Japan
Taishi Nemoto, Kagoshima College, Japan
Hisashi Sato, Kanagawa Institue of Technology, Japan
Toru Sugahara, Waseda University, Japan