Instruction for Presenters

Onsite Presenters (Full Papers/Short Papers)

July 8 – 13, 2023

You make your presentation using your own laptop computer. Presenters will have a total of 25 minutes to use for their presentation and Q&A. If you would like to present longer, you have 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes Q&A. If you would like to have good communications with audiences, you may present shorter, such as 15 minutes presentation.

Online Presenters (Full Papers/Short Papers/Poster Papers)

July 13, 2023

IIAI AAI 2023 is planned to be held on the onsite basis, because we recognize the 
importance of face-to-face communication by gathering together at the venue. 
For people who cannot come to the venue due to Covid-19, however, online presentations
will be allowed on July 13. Presenters will have 25 minutes to use for their presentation and Q&A.

Online presenters must apply before June 15, 2023 through the contact form.

Onsite Presenters (Poster Papers)

For onsite poster presenters, poster session will be held on July 10 evening with conference welcome reception at 6th floor at conference venue. Poster presenters displays the poster between 4:00PM – 5:00PM there. Poster board size is 1200mm(horizontal) x 1800mm (vertical). Approximately, A0, B0, B1, size will be fitted. Welcome reception and poster presentation event will starts from 5:30PM and ends 7:30PM.

Congress Tips

Receipt and invitation letter

Log in using the password given to the registration system, and you will find the buttons to issue your receipt and invitational letter at the bottom of the page.

Congress proceedings

IEEE CPS Publication will be available on the CONFAID. IIAI Letters will be available on the IIAI Letters (Open Conference Publication Site) after the congress.

Award presentation

IIAI AAI 2023 awards authors whose papers were highly evaluated in review of the submitted papers. Best paper award, outstanding paper award, outstanding short paper award and honorable mention award will be selected. Award winners will be presented at the banquet to be held on July 11, 2023. Also, for online attendees, the award winners will be announced on the IIAI AAI 2023 web. Each award winner will receive the certification onsite or by shipping.